How it works

An experienced HR partner uses in-depth knowledge, experience and a field know-how in approximately 20-30% of total time spent as a full-time employee. It is usually spent on creating new solutions, setting up and reshaping processes, adapting to evolving external and internal factors, mergers and acquisitions, branding,… The periods of changes and transformation, in shortcut.
The rest of the work are standard day-to-day operations, or so called “housekeeping”.

CHRO on demand offers those 20-30% of qualified time only. Therefore, even the smallest of businesses can access the strategic leadership whenever they need, keep the “housekeeping” costs reasonable and HR services efficient.

On project or as a long-term partner

  • Project partnership – the agreed partnering covers normally the maximum of 40 hours. After, if both parties are happy to continue, we are switching to flat-rate model.
  • Flat-rate consulting – this is company specific. The main differentiator here, though, is whether you need CHRO to be present on your premises sometimes, or not. You may have a Virtual HR, too! Pricing is done individually based on scope of work and company needs.

What can your CHRO do for you today? Feel free to contact me with any out of the box partnering request.

Some of the references left by clients

I would highly recommend the services provided by Ms.Veronika Modravá to companies and managers, who are looking for successful working environment and satisfied motivated employees. Her support during the major structural changes, new approach and process implementation, employee targets evaluation and HR related legal requirements and rules led my business to highly satisfying growth and […]

Veronika Buryánek, Manufacturing Operations Manager, Fastenal Europe

Dear Mrs. Modravá, I would like to thank you so much for helping me through my difficult working situations. You help me a lot with your broad experience and unbiased opinion. Thank you.

David Brtník, Deputy Manager, Peek&Cloppenburg