Career coaching and mentoring provided by HR professional to help you advance in your career

Generally, this type of career coaching is sometimes used within Talent Management programs. The coaching is done individually with specific employees, “talents”. It is tailored to meet both – employee and company needs.
Here, it is not a part of any company Talent Management program. Therefore I have adjusted it further to make it accessible for the general public and at the same time keep the quality standards high. The sessions themselves are made of mentoring as well as career and life coaching techniques.
The whole concept circles around career and work, so the possible topics to be discussed during the sessions may be: accuracy of salary expectations, how and when to ask for a raise, diversification of interest and potential income from them, current situation revision, steps to reach “dream job” and how real it is under what conditions and more.



up to 90 minutes

Handing over relevant information about the current situation on a desired labour market and mentoring, plus little bit of coaching itself. After, you should be able to have a proper idea of how your current profile stands on labour market and be aware of trends.


regular sessions

Each session individually tailored, desires and dreams are discussed and projected into possible real solutions. Goals are set, updated and progress checked regularly. The time between sessions is at least 2 weeks, ideally a month, but this is individual.


  • Consider changing employment.
  • Would like to grow further in their current career, vertically or horizontally.
  • Are on life crossroads and don’t know what they would like to do or where they want to work.
  • Would like to increase their value on labour market (local or international).
  • Experience a career crisis.
  • Are interested in current recruitment trends and would like to be prepared for interviews.
  • Consider changing from employment to freelancing, but are not sure if it is the right thing to do for them.
  • Want to work on themselves and their personal development.
  • Are students and consider various career choices.