Unique partnership with part-time HR manager on project or long-time whenever you need.

From my experience, a senior HR partner uses in-depth knowledge and a field know-how in approximately 20-30% of total time spent as a full-time employee. The rest of the work are standard day-to-day operations, or so called “housekeeping”. As a CHRO on demand, I offer those 20-30% only in a strategic partnership whenever a company is in need of them – therefore the “on demand”.
I work with companies in times of changes (either due to external or internal factors), during strategic planning and whenever there is a need for an HR know how to be applied.

Services offered: “part-time” HR director, HR programme and project management, strategic HR consultancy, business scaling support; ethical alert investigation, disciplinaries and preventive solutions.



flat rate model
exec and non-exec, board

As an Chief HR Officer on demand I will support you through your transformation period either as a board member or as an HR professional from within.
For those times, I will align HR strategy and vision based on your strategic goals and business environment and demands from investors and board. This strategy will be further turned into operational steps, that could touch various HR topics, such as: recruitment & on-boarding, employee relations, conflict resolutions; workforce management, talent management, performance; learning & development programmes; change management and organisational development, analytics; and more.
I can either set up a new HR structure or work with an existing one – as an individual contributor or a team manager.


flat rate model or project
exec and non-exec, board

I offer either a long term partnership on a strategic and operational level or a project based HR programme and project management.
Useful in times of changes (external or internal), growth, strategic planning. I can teach you how to do HR work properly in your organisation from the very beginning to the corporate size. I am the one to bring the know-how in and will coach, mentor and advice to create tailored made solution and nurture strong company culture. The topics circle around organisational development, process improvement, systematic changes, specific solutions for situations on hand, mergers and acquisitions support, internal and external communication, employer brand, company culture topics, support in ethical alerts investigation, whistleblowing cases, disciplinaries…


fixed price
standard and premium

An annual programme for managers, leaders and talents growing into people management roles. Based on your company strategies and visions, it is tailored made to your needs and your existing tools woven into the curriculum for the best results.
6 main trainings and workshops covers the areas of proper goal setting, performance, communication, talent management, succession planning, problematic situations, toxic employees and many more from the leadership perspective. Those 6 workshop are backed with 6 group sessions to support and enhance the gained knowledge, dealing with the real situations on hand.
In a premium version of the programme, an individual mentoring for each of the participant is offered.
Programme runs in groups of 5-8 people. Initial work for strategic alignment included in price.