Where it began

As of 2018, CHRO on demand (as http://www.mypeoplepartner.com) has an official business status.
However, the story starts back in 2009, where I (Veronika) started to lend my “pair of eyes” to managers and business owners from different industries and countries.

Usually, they felt there is something not completely right with the way they are handling their Human Resources Management. Inflexibility within their own HRM and unwillingness to overcome old administration habits – they lacked professional support from an experienced HR colleague. Or the support just got lost, so to say, in the system.

I have experienced numerous years of the same disappointment. To be completely honest, I felt hesitant and discouraged to introduce myself as an HR, because it almost always triggers either negative reaction or a you-do-some-paper-work presumption. I have been discouraged to the point I even considered to abandon my beloved field. Well, time for a change!

There are plenty of wonderful and competent HRs around us, with amazing knowledge, experience and practical know-how who constantly develop themselves. I would love to franchise this CHRO on demand concept in future and introduce you the best People Partners to get your HR troubles sorted.

Stay tuned!

About me

I, Veronika Modravá, am a consultant in field of Human Resources with more than 12 years of international experience – in leading positions as well as in different types of businesses.

I consider myself an HR enthusiast, I have a curious interest in innovations and technology; I root for pragmatism and usefulness in People practices.

Have a look at my LinkedIn profile and keep in touch or follow my whereabouts on Instagram.