Chief HR Officer on demand

A partnership with Human Resources professional on strategic level when the company needs it the most.
Not a headhunting agency, but happy to advise on an overall recruitment strategy nevertheless.


Making high-end HR services accessible to different types of businesses in nearly all phases of their life cycle.

Being better is just a continuous, infinite and limitless journey for everyone who has decided to walk this path. We aim to make workplaces greater and enjoyable by aiding businesses to strive with strategic HR professionals. Let’s make the HR count!


You can find similar service in finances (tip: seek for part-time CFO), law advisory, or IT management.

CHRO on demand fills the gap in the HR field.

This creates greater competition and forces us, HRs, to stay on top of our things rather than be expensive e-mail forwarders. We even aim to inspire copycats of this concept – the more the better for you, so to say!